Recipe: Black Bean & Corn Salsa

This is a recipe I came up with recently after cleaning out my kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. I still have no idea why I had creamed corn in my cupboard – I won’t touch the stuff, so what on earth did I buy it for? Did it end up in my grocery cart by accident somehow? I once got home with Chinese Five Spice seasoning that had not been on my shopping list – it must have rolled into my area of the belt from the person ahead of me in line at the cashier. Those little dividers don’t quite go across the whole belt.

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Legumes – The Peas

In addition to carbohydrates and fiber, peas generally provide Vitamins A, B (most of the complex), and C, as well as lutein, a nutrient necessary for good eyesight. There are several varieties of peas to choose from:

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Recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes with Fresh Blueberry Sauce

I’ve never been a pancake fan – sweet breakfasts weren’t my thing, especially anything involving maple syrup. But these are pancakes like no other. Neither they nor the sauce that goes over them are overly sweet. You actually taste pumpkin and blueberry, not sugar and sugar. The whole grain flour makes them very filling, so you don’t have a sugar crash mid-morning.

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Recipe: Spicy Pumpkin-Currant Bread with Pepita Butter

This is a particularly tasty version of the pumpkin bread that pops up virtually everywhere this time of year.

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Recipe: Hopi Amaranth Greens & Grains

The following dish is a Southwestern Native American twist on wilted greens.

Because amaranth is a complete protein, this dish is a meal all by itself. Serve it up in a soup bowl.

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Native American Food in the Vegetarian Diet

Many of the foods we consume today were introduced to the early European explorers and later settlers by the native inhabitants they soon displaced.

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Pasta in the Vegetarian Diet

Pasta gets a lot of mixed reviews. The low-carb diet proponents will tell you that pasta is the worst thing you could ever put in your mouth and will cause huge sugar cravings that will make you not only fat but diabetic. The high-carb diet proponents will tell you that pasta is a wonderful source of energy and helps maintain a healthy weight. The pasta companies will defend their product, of course, so they are hardly a source of unbiased, scientific information. Then there are those sources of unbiased, scientific information that couldn’t explain anything in layman’s terms if they tried.

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Recipe: Cool Summer Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti is easy to fix, but it’s hotter than blue blazes out there and the last thing you need is a steaming plate of pasta and tomato sauce. Whatever will you do?

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The Pumpkin in the Vegetarian Diet

Pumpkins are native to the Americas, with seeds going back 9,000 years discovered in Mexico. They were a versatile item, used not only for food and medicine, but as containers when hollowed out and dried. They were one of the foods that the early European settlers, thanks to the natives who showed them the way, were able to survive on, given their nutrient content and the fact that they kept well, without rotting, for many months (having grown them myself, I can attest to this fact!). This is the main reason the pumpkin is so closely identified with the Fall harvest and with Thanksgiving.

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Recipe: Spicy Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Soup with Homemade Croutons

…and you thought pumpkin was only good for pie or bread!

Au contraire!

This is a sweet-and-savory harvest soup with a kick that will take the chill off of any Fall evening. Serve it with fresh-baked Pillow Biscuits and a mixed-greens salad livened up with some dried cherries, walnuts, and crumbled blue cheese.

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