Whole Grain Choices

It is a good idea to stock your kitchen with a variety of whole grains and whole grain alternatives. Most supermarkets carry a small variety in bulk in the ‘organic’ section, and of course your local health food store will have a great deal more. Here is an overview of the grains you can find:

Barley (Hulled) – an ancient grain that is quite a bit heartier and chewier than its pearled counterpart. It retains the calcium, potassium, and protein that would otherwise be removed in the pearling (refining) process.

Bulgur – made from dried, cracked whole wheat berries, and widely known for its use in the Mediterranean dish Tabbouleh.

Farro – see Spelt Berries below.

Kamut –a brand name for an ancient Egyptian wheat cousin. Legend has it that it was rediscovered by a WWII aviator in an Egyptian tomb. It is relatively high in protein, due to not being interfered with by modern agricultural science. Yet.

Oat Groats – the whole grain that has not been refined to the ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘quick’ or ‘rolled’ or ‘steel cut’ varieties commonly found in the cereal aisle. Thick and hearty.

Rye Berries – these retain more nutrients (protein in particular) due to the difficulty in refining these particular grains. Very dense and filling.

Spelt Berries – an ancient grain, more nutritious than wheat (a distant cousin). It contains gluten, but has been reported to be well-tolerated by some people with gluten sensitivity. It is also sold as Farro and can be difficult to find, though it is gaining popularity. The grains are thick and meaty.

Triticale Berries – a rye/wheat hybrid, higher in protein than rye or wheat and lower in gluten.

Whole Wheat Berries – an ancient grain dating back 12,000 years or more. Nicknamed The Staff of Life.

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Unfortunately an increasing number of people are developing wheat gluten intolerance and have to seek gluten-free alternatives to wheat products. Fortunately these products are getting easier to find.

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